BMW Used Cars Sell For High Prices

With few exceptions, most BMW models are top class vehicles. They elicit coveting glares from jealous bystanders (who are actually driving, but are left to feel as though they are standing still in a BMW’s wake). Most cars depreciate in value significantly when they go onto the used car lot, and BMWs also decrease in price. The harsh reality, however, is that BMW used cars sell for high prices nonetheless.

This is because they are luxurious automobiles. Many people want to own one but cannot afford the dream, especially if they are looking at prices for the brand new 5 or 7 series. Some cost more than a brand new VW even after a few years (another fine brand), so you can imagine what they cost brand new.

The interiors are classy. Their shape is always sleek, classy and speedy looking. BMW even makes their SUVs look like rally cars (relative to the average SUV that is) while still fitting a small village of children inside, car seats, lacrosse gear and all. No wonder James Bond has been so willing to drive one in front of the camera in the past.

Moreover, BMW is one of those makes which, if your model lasts (which it probably will) can fetch fantastic prices at auction in the future. Just hold onto your BMW until it is, say, 30 years old, and you have got an investment for your retirement. Even a mortgage takes that long to pay off. Sell the BMW and your house together as a package, your car parked in the garage with a ribbon on the door. They could make you marginally wealthy if not stinking rich. Consumers must look after their BMWs for this to work, but no one buys a BMW just to trash it (unless they have millions already, in which case, who cares about the price?)

‘Top Gear,’ that long running UK car review show, has a lot of informative things to say about BMW. Read their reviews so you know which makes to invest in. They say great things about most models, while advising that the X3 SUV ‘rides like a pogo stick on a cattle grid.’ If you do not know what a pogo stick is, you are too young to buy a BMW. Suffice it to say, this is not a good thing. Otherwise, BMW walks the line between style and performance without needing a net.