How I bought a car in the North West recently

I'm one of those people who spend far too long researching future purchases. It was no different last month when I wanted to replace my old BMW.

I have had a fascination with Subaru Impreza's ever since I played Colin Mcrae Rally many years ago on the Playstation. I've always assumed they would be too much to insure, especially as I haven't built up a no claims bonus. But I decided to check it out.

Firstly I started at Auto Trader to check for any in the area. There were only one or two within 10 miles that didn't look abused or garish. I found one farther afield in Blackpool but that is a hours drive away.

So next I used the insurance comparison sites to check for quotes. I used a few sites and after about 4 tries I found a very reasonable quote (just under £500 a year). That was about £200 more than I was currently paying but it was worth it in my mind.

I visited the best local Impreza which was being sold privately. I got a dodgy feeling straight away but the sound of the exhaust had me hooked. I got to test drive it and it was awesome. When the turbo kicks in it is like "whoosh" lol. Big fun! Anyway it was blue with gold alloys and they guy looked like a bit of a boy racer so I said the classic line "I'll have a think about it" which obviously means you'll not be hearing from me again lol.

I took the beamer to Blackpool to see the better (silver) Impreza at Karl Smith Car Sales. It cost a bit more than I originally wanted to spend and they wouldn't budge on the price much. What convinced me though was the mileage (45k) and the condition was great. They offered me a pretty decent part exchange on the beamer and it then took me about a minute to say yes.

In hindsight maybe I could of haggled a bit more but I was just too excited to get my own Scooby. We sorted out the paperwork and cash and then I was on my way. I've been out every night since down the country lanes enjoying the speed and the grip. Thinking back my old beamer was like a bus compared to teh Impreza.

Anyway I just wanted to share this as I learned that it is really worth shopping around for an insurance quote. They varied massively as Imprezas do get a bad reputation. Plus it was well worth travelling farther to buy a good one. I don't usually buy from dealers as I always think you'll get a better deal with a private sale, but this time it has worked out great so far.