Damaged Car Buyers in the UK

Selling a damaged car is tricky. This is because private sales are unattractive to buyers. Generally you will only get low-ball offers from dealers looking to make a quick buck on the car. Selling the car to a scrap dealer or merchant will only give you a few quid for re-usable parts.

The best way to get rid of a damaged car which isn't a complete write-off is to use a damaged car buyer online like Sell The Car. They are specialist damaged car buyers. Instead of buying and selling used cars which are in good condition; they look for broken and non running vehicles which aren't ready for the scrap yard yet.

damaged car buyers
Sell The Car is an online damaged car buyer

There are other damaged car buyers in the UK, but none are as well respected and as well established as Sell The Car. They have access to a nationwide network of car buyers. This means that they will make you an offer anywhere in the UK. Then they send out a buyer to collect the car from your address and pay you through a bank transfer.

It is easy, quick and hassle free. They help with all the official paperwork and online reviews are universally good- praising the friendliness of the representatives. Sell The Car is probably the UK's number 1 damaged and broken car buyer. They want Category C and Category D cars. This means vehicles which are usually non running, but repairable. Or luxury brands which can be recycled.

Visit https://www.sellthecar.co.uk/ for a free quote. They have a simple online car valuation calculator and generally the price you initially see is the price you pay.